Monday, March 19, 2012

Nino Brand

I did this shoot a while back and forgot to post the photos.
It was such a pleasure to get out of town for a day and spend time being creative with amazing talents and horses!!!
this is the result of a beautiful day

photos: Jason Blake & Eric Ashleigh
Clothes: Bela Shehu of NINO BRAND
Make Up: Kat Sterrett
Styling Assistant: Catie Drussell
(click names for individual artists websites)

Here's the accompanying Video by Eric Ashleigh

NINO Brand | 2012 from The Solitaire on Vimeo.


Violet said...

The setting is unreal. So pretty. I like you in stuff like that.

Sar Sar Binks said...

Thanks Violet :) i'm definitely in my element out in the country.

bela said...

Gosh, these photos need to be inserted in my journal.

Sar Sar Binks said...

they definitely take me to my happy place.