Thursday, March 26, 2009

tripping for the trekkers.

this time last week i was sipping margaritas with new friends from montreal in phoenix arizona. I had hiked the grand canyon, and climbed 2 energy vortexes while marveling at wonderful red rocks. I was also sleeping in a tent under the stars next to rachel who drove surprisingly well the entire time we had our car. needless to say our early spring vaca was much needed and provided a wonderful awakening for my creativity which has been stifled by these shitty winter philly months. even though its been hard getting back into the routine this week, my thoughts are free, my spirit is at ease, and i'm more motivated to explore and produce rather than hibernate. that warm weather can't come soon enough. i just hope my tan doesnt fade before i'm off to florida in 3 weeks. they say st. augustine holds the fountain of youth. i'll be the judge of that ;-) meanwhile, enjoy these shots from last weeks trip.... many more are on the myspace page.

chins up