Wednesday, August 5, 2009

from a city rat to a country mouse

everything has been happening so fast I don't even know where to start. 2 weeks ago the idea of living in the country was just a dream. Now we've signed a lease, own a car, and i'm selling shit on craigslist to lighten the load we'll have to move to Virginia in September. just yesterday we found a sweet cabin in the middle of nowhere about 20 miles south of charlottesville and fell in love. It is super cheap, secluded, and everything we could dream of. Last week we found an awesome car to get us back and forth. today i'm overwhelmed with the idea of being able to work part time and do whatever i want to do in a beautiful environment. I wont miss being hollered at every time i step out the front door one bit! in less than a month clint and i will be living a completely different lifestyle in a completely different setting, with a fresh perspective on all the projects we've been meaning to start.

The winds of change have finally picked up, and i don't mind it at all.