Friday, February 19, 2010


for those of you who don't really know me;

I was a competitive figure skater for 15 years. I remember training before school, and leaving school early to spend the rest of my time at the rink. I loved it. The goal: the olympics.
Every time the winter olympics roll around i get butterflies in my stomach and emotionally excited on a level i can't really explain. Even though i don't skate anymore, I still get a little nervous when the winter games begin.
Here's to the 15 years that helped make me who i am today.

Skating SarBaby Sar

Sar's First modeling gig. hah

Thursday, February 18, 2010


I am working everyday.
So is Clint.
Maybe I can afford some new clothes soon.
It's 6am.
Fashion week is over, I hope one day i'll be there.
Take Care,

Diane Von Furstenberg

Badgley Mischka

3.1 Phillip Lim

Anna Sui
Cynthia Steffe

Michael Kors

These are just a few, NYFW 2010 was very inspirational.

Saturday, February 13, 2010


As I sit here listening to Ray Charles, the clock strikes 12:01 and I realize it's now Valentine's day 2010!
Valentine's day used to be my favorite holiday in grade school. We'd spend a week making "mail boxes" for our Valentine party on Friday. I'd wait all week to wear a special valentine outfit and exchange silly candy cards with kids I can't even remember today. It was sweet. On that note, I'd like to share some Valentine's with all of you and hope love finds its way to your heart this year.

(Robert Doisneau)
I love you Clint!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Guess its been a minute...

How's a gal supposed to keep up with her blog?

its been about 5 months since my last post, but i'll try my best to wrap up everything in a nice tiny nutshell.
in fact one word can sum it up:
on another note, i've found 2 new jobs, so most of my time is now swallowed by one of dual duties. i don't mind it though... which brings me to my next point, my wardrobe. with my new found employment at a trendy local boutique i realize i have no decent clothes. i have been dressing like a teen out of the 90's for the past 4 years and just now realized i need a serious update. staple pieces like leggings, tee's without holes, and cute shoes would be nice to have.
alas, ya can't get new clothes if ya ain't got the funds.
rent comes first, then bills, then food. whatever is left over... well nothing is left over.
saving's a bitch after the holidays.
the snow doesn't help.
enough babble,
take 5-
Skeleton Spaceship Beauty Salson