Wednesday, August 5, 2009

from a city rat to a country mouse

everything has been happening so fast I don't even know where to start. 2 weeks ago the idea of living in the country was just a dream. Now we've signed a lease, own a car, and i'm selling shit on craigslist to lighten the load we'll have to move to Virginia in September. just yesterday we found a sweet cabin in the middle of nowhere about 20 miles south of charlottesville and fell in love. It is super cheap, secluded, and everything we could dream of. Last week we found an awesome car to get us back and forth. today i'm overwhelmed with the idea of being able to work part time and do whatever i want to do in a beautiful environment. I wont miss being hollered at every time i step out the front door one bit! in less than a month clint and i will be living a completely different lifestyle in a completely different setting, with a fresh perspective on all the projects we've been meaning to start.

The winds of change have finally picked up, and i don't mind it at all.

Friday, July 10, 2009

fdr princess

i finally got to do something creative and fun this summer!
the proof is below...

whats next????

Photos by: Reagan Lam

Monday, June 29, 2009

working for work

due to a recent illness i've decided to reconsider my employment options.
i'd like to do something more freelance.
maybe paint your house.
maybe pose for your camera.
maybe pretend to be something that i'm not.
you know... something fun, lighthearted, appropriate for my age/standard of life.
i want something to keep my interest/inspiration afloat without sacrificing my health/integrity.

ok ok enough...
lucky for those people who have it made.
maybe one day i'll be like them.
nah. i'd rather just be happy and healthy.

oh did i mention i'm a great baker...
fresh fruit tart...

pear almond tart... only 200 calories per serving?!!!

this is an easy one... you may already be familiar with.

death by chocolate...
mmmmm death.... heh

silly sarah's 8th grade skills.


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

star on my sock

ah summertime in philly yet again...
feels like it's been cold and grey for so long.
things are looking up these days.
working hard, playing harder, and above all loving even more.
clint i love you more than i could ever express.
more than "got" fudge, christmas morning, and my own birthday rolled into one.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

in the heat.

who reads this???
i wonder.

anyway. i will sum up the parts of st augustine:
touristy (in some parts)
drunken denny's discounts
hitchhiker friendly
white sand
no public transportation
mr jo jangles:

empty beaches
dairy queen
steam room/sauna/jacuzzi tub
in the end... i didnt want to come home.

upon our return the weather in philly was 90 degrees and i started a new job.
at least i'm off to a fresh start for the spring.
keepin' it fun.
the plan now... work hard to play harder.
also... MUSIC!!!!
keep it fresh.

Monday, April 6, 2009

ants in the pants.

are you feeling anxious???
or are you feeling...aghast. bugged. choked. clutched. disquieted. fidgety. hacked. hyper. jittery. jumpy. nervy. restless. shaky. solicitous. spooked. taut. uneasy. unglued. watchful. wired. or a wreck?
i'm more than ready for the next adventure...
maybe someday soon i will share some songs i'm working on up in this piece???
until then, here are some shots from the most recent shoot i did for letau designs.
photographer: alyssa maloof. mua:tracey olkus.
thanks zeville

Thursday, March 26, 2009

tripping for the trekkers.

this time last week i was sipping margaritas with new friends from montreal in phoenix arizona. I had hiked the grand canyon, and climbed 2 energy vortexes while marveling at wonderful red rocks. I was also sleeping in a tent under the stars next to rachel who drove surprisingly well the entire time we had our car. needless to say our early spring vaca was much needed and provided a wonderful awakening for my creativity which has been stifled by these shitty winter philly months. even though its been hard getting back into the routine this week, my thoughts are free, my spirit is at ease, and i'm more motivated to explore and produce rather than hibernate. that warm weather can't come soon enough. i just hope my tan doesnt fade before i'm off to florida in 3 weeks. they say st. augustine holds the fountain of youth. i'll be the judge of that ;-) meanwhile, enjoy these shots from last weeks trip.... many more are on the myspace page.

chins up

Thursday, February 12, 2009

year of the ox

oh my me mo myyyy
this is the first post of 09'!
well for those of us who are 9's and ox's we should be having a stellar year.
mine is off to a fairly solid start.
you know how it goes...selling cupcakes, posing for pictures, and making killer music with the talented ms. Rachel. we've started to record which is more of a process than i remember, but it's still fun.
the year definitely started off with some big changes, and will probably continue to shift around. i don't mind it though. i get bored when things become too routine anyway.
shout out to kit cat mckean private eye who made it all the way to san diego with his new family!
miss you buddy. hope you're loving life in the sunshine.
this is the point of the post where i cant think of anything else to write and start to question everything that i've already written so before i decide to delete it all and forget posting all together i'm going to stop and say
photos above by: Niesha Huff Styled by: Greg of Walish Gooshe

foo foo enjoy's reality television. heh