Wednesday, December 3, 2008

on death and dying.

dear stevie, 

you are missed.
i'm sorry i fell off the face of the earth after gendler fired me.
i was angry.
wish i would've known you more.
whats it like?
see you, your friend, Sarah

Saturday, July 19, 2008

nice things

do you ever get the urge to do nice things for other people?
whether its a partner, friend, stranger, whatever... you just want to do something nice.   by doing something nice i mean doing something the other person your doing it for will appreciate and enjoy without expecting anything in return.
anyway, do something nice for someone else and don't expect some sort of reward for doing it.

have you ever seen a rabbit sleep like a dog?
my rabbit does. or was. cuteeeeeeeee!
guess he's tired from eating all morning.
alas the point has come in this blog where i run out of things to talk about.
warning signs being: talking about my pets, or posting pictures.
oh oh oh... 
i saw batman, it was...
i've sworn to not say anything opinionated about the movie for a little while since i did see it thursday night... before EVERYONE else!.. well everyone except the hundreds of people who saw the midnight showing like me.
i will say this...
and if its sold out... watch meet dave instead.
eddie murphy is hI-LAR-i-ous.
on another note, i have some shoots coming up. by shoots i mean i model? people ask, what do you model for? whats the most famous thing you've ever done? how long? yadda yadda yaddda
don't ask me about me... i dont know. hahah. i can't ever answer questions like that or myself, or about what i did yesterday for that matter.
maybe i should take ginseng for my memory problems.
i can remember numbers.
thats enough for now.


do something nice for someone.

photos by andrea gingerich