Thursday, February 12, 2009

year of the ox

oh my me mo myyyy
this is the first post of 09'!
well for those of us who are 9's and ox's we should be having a stellar year.
mine is off to a fairly solid start.
you know how it goes...selling cupcakes, posing for pictures, and making killer music with the talented ms. Rachel. we've started to record which is more of a process than i remember, but it's still fun.
the year definitely started off with some big changes, and will probably continue to shift around. i don't mind it though. i get bored when things become too routine anyway.
shout out to kit cat mckean private eye who made it all the way to san diego with his new family!
miss you buddy. hope you're loving life in the sunshine.
this is the point of the post where i cant think of anything else to write and start to question everything that i've already written so before i decide to delete it all and forget posting all together i'm going to stop and say
photos above by: Niesha Huff Styled by: Greg of Walish Gooshe

foo foo enjoy's reality television. heh