Friday, July 6, 2012

we've moved

hey everyone! sorry for the lack of posts here- i've been busy working on menswear and some other new rad custom orders in addition to traveling a lot for my "day job". I just wanted to pop in and let ya'll know that I do the majority of my "blogging" on tumblr now, which you can see here:

if you don't have tumblr don't worry, you can still follow it via google reader, or by subscribing to the RSS feed. To follow on google reader, just hit that subscribe button when your logged into your reader profile, paste this into the box: , and hit "Add". then you will be able to see all my daily postings right there with the rest of the stuff you follow...

To subscribe via RSS, make sure you are using any browser- BUT chrome (for some reason chrome is a piece of shit and makes it really difficult to do anything) i repeat- DO NOT ATTEMPT to do this in Chrome! anyway, just copy and paste this link:  into your URL bar thingy and a little box will pop up asking you if you'd like to subscribe or add as a bookmark or whatever.

So there you go, it's as easy as eating ice cream.
also, please don't forget to like the MLNW page on Facebook:

and tell all your friends.  SPREAD the good word, we've got major announcements coming up and MLNW is for EVERYONE. not just the ladies... New shoots/Collections/Shows/etc coming SOON.... keep in touch. and thank you very very much for all your love & support....

 photo by: ADG Photography
  photo by: ADG Photography

 Photo by: Darshana Borah
  Photo by: Darshana Borah

  Photo by: Darshana Borah