Thursday, April 30, 2009

in the heat.

who reads this???
i wonder.

anyway. i will sum up the parts of st augustine:
touristy (in some parts)
drunken denny's discounts
hitchhiker friendly
white sand
no public transportation
mr jo jangles:

empty beaches
dairy queen
steam room/sauna/jacuzzi tub
in the end... i didnt want to come home.

upon our return the weather in philly was 90 degrees and i started a new job.
at least i'm off to a fresh start for the spring.
keepin' it fun.
the plan now... work hard to play harder.
also... MUSIC!!!!
keep it fresh.

Monday, April 6, 2009

ants in the pants.

are you feeling anxious???
or are you feeling...aghast. bugged. choked. clutched. disquieted. fidgety. hacked. hyper. jittery. jumpy. nervy. restless. shaky. solicitous. spooked. taut. uneasy. unglued. watchful. wired. or a wreck?
i'm more than ready for the next adventure...
maybe someday soon i will share some songs i'm working on up in this piece???
until then, here are some shots from the most recent shoot i did for letau designs.
photographer: alyssa maloof. mua:tracey olkus.
thanks zeville