Sunday, April 10, 2011

Things for Anita

Here are some photos of recent things custom made and repaired for one of my best clients. The first was actually 2 identical dresses she found and wanted me to fix up. One dress was turned into a jacket while the other just needed a few minor alterations (some sizing/hem adjustments). It's safe to say that after mastering this project, I can (and will) add sleeves to pretty much anything!
(the original dress after alterations)
(custom made jacket out of the 2nd dress)
(back view of jacket)
(close up of the sleeve)

The following photos are from a corset I made out of a ball gown Anita had. The bottom of this top was 3 layers of ruffled silk taffeta that was unfortunately damaged beyond repair. I suggested we restore the top half of the gown so she can wear with slacks or a skirt. The finished piece was a beautiful embellished corset with no stone left unsewn.
(brand new corset!)
(close up of repaired sequins and blind hem)

next on the sewing schedule, fixing up my mound of thrift store finds for spring


Amy said...

Grey dress looks like Helmut Lang. Nice! Corset is fresh too!! V

heather said...

wow, great job!