Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring Shine

spring has brought many things;
nice weather, lots of work, and of course inspiration.
thanks to my neighbor i now have a means of "letting loose". whether i'm constucting a costume, designing a line, or tailoring shirts, i'm happy to have a new outlet. stay tuned for updates and photos of things i've been busy making. next to come is a portfolio for things i've designed featuring the landscape around us, a one of a kind wardrobe, and camera work by who knows who.

either way, i'm glad we all made it through the winter.
here are a few things i found inspiring... maybe they'll inspire you.

a tree on my way home.

Jacqueline Bouvier 1939

Jane Birkin

and of course:


Violet said...

Yes! Make more. Wanna see <3 V