Monday, June 29, 2009

working for work

due to a recent illness i've decided to reconsider my employment options.
i'd like to do something more freelance.
maybe paint your house.
maybe pose for your camera.
maybe pretend to be something that i'm not.
you know... something fun, lighthearted, appropriate for my age/standard of life.
i want something to keep my interest/inspiration afloat without sacrificing my health/integrity.

ok ok enough...
lucky for those people who have it made.
maybe one day i'll be like them.
nah. i'd rather just be happy and healthy.

oh did i mention i'm a great baker...
fresh fruit tart...

pear almond tart... only 200 calories per serving?!!!

this is an easy one... you may already be familiar with.

death by chocolate...
mmmmm death.... heh

silly sarah's 8th grade skills.